Best of Both Worlds

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I admit it - I want the best of both worlds...

I want an old-fashioned therapy practice: a one-person shop where you know exactly who you're working with. You know your therapist. He knows you. Your therapist is not suddenly switched to another therapist. The waiting room doesn't feel like a subway car at the height of rush hour. The receptionist doesn't tell you that your therapist is "running behind" and she doesn't know how long it will be untill you're seen.. .

But I also want a new type of practice. One that takes advantage of the latest technology. A practice that allows you to reach your therapist when you need to, not at her leisure. A practice that doesn't have a draconian cancellation policy and realizes that SH*T happens to all of us. A practice that allows you to pay using credit cards and that automatically reminds you of your next appointment.

This is what the Counseling and Connection Center is: A practice that combines the best of the old and the new into a therapy practice that is focused on providing professional and personalized service. My focus is on helping you achieve the goals that brought you to my office.

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