Coronavirus Crisis

Coronavirus Crisis

Dealing with the pandemic

We are dealing with something different than we have ever seen before. It's scary to face a situation that threatens our health, the health of our loved ones, and our economic well-being.

The Counseling and Connection Center is taking steps to keep you safe and to make counseling available to those who need it.

Here's what the Center is doing;

  • Starting immediately, you can have your session by smartphone, tablet, or computer. Using the platform, (think of FaceTime or Skype) we can easily talk to each other. is a well-respected platform that is designed for telehealth. It is simple to use and meets all privacy (HIPAA) requirements.
  • We are in an economic crisis. I would like to make counseling available to anyone who can benefit from it. I will be offering brief (30-minute sessions) at a very affordable rate for those that do not have health insurance ($49 per session). Payment will be accepted by credit card only.
  • I will be providing resources on my site that will help you through this difficult time.

To schedule an appointment, call 908-233-3333

Stay safe, and I will see you in person when the crisis subsides.

Barry Silverman, LCSW

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