If You're a Therapist

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I have worked with psychologists, social workers and other psychotherapists in two ways: I have seen many therapists as clients. In those cases, I have sometimes worked with them on personal and family issues. At other times, they come for help regarding stresses in their professional life. I have also had the pleasure of inspiring some of my clients to enter a helping profession. Some of these clients are now actively working as mental health professionals.

I have also helped therapists build their practices. I have presented at a national conference on transitioning from working at an agency to solo practitioner. Private practice is, of course, very different than working as an employee for a hospital, social service agency or community mental health center. In addition to having excellent clinical skills, you need to acquire business skills in such areas as sales, marketing and public relations. Being a competent clinician has very little relation to whether you will have a successful private practice. Those skills are not taught in graduate school, yet can be learned.

If you would like to see me for counseling or would like help in starting or expanding your practice, contact me.

Note: Practice building fees are not reimbursible through insurance.

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