Mission Statement

I have named my practice the Counseling and Connection Center because providing high-quality counseling is only part of my mission. We live in a world in which we are increasingly isolated. People cross the street with their eyes and ears glued to their phones and oblivious to their surroundings. Families rarely have dinner together or eat without talking to each other. The irony of today's world is that we are able to instantly connect to each other, yet we feel more alone than ever. Sherry Turkle talks about this in her book Alone Together.
The connection part of my practice is about helping you make genuine connections that will lead to increased satisfaction. They may be connections to the parts of you that you have ignored or they may be more meaningful connections with your friends and family. Strengthening these connections can help you to feel more grounded and a part of the larger community in a way that Internet connections are not able to.

The mission of the Counseling and Connection Center is:

To provide excellent service to a limited number of clients within a private practice setting.

To provide personal and confidential counseling that affirms individual growth and strengthens the relationships of couples and families.

To assist clients in achieving their potential for growth through a variety of counseling methods and modalities.

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